12 ideas for inspiring food visuals that will satisfy your customers

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Ruth Stephensen
12 ideas for inspiring food visuals that will satisfy your customers

There seems to be one thing people all around the world have in common and that's their love for food! People love to consume it, share it and create with it.

If you are a food brand you already have the perfect podium to stand on as online audiences have an exceptional appetite for inspiring food content.

Unfortunately for marketers it's not quite as simple as just snapping a photo of your plate to put online. There is an art to storytelling and creating meaning around food that is as much about the process as it is the end result.

People connect food to many more feelings than just hunger. Consuming food is a social event, an opportunity to take a break and preparing it can be a creative expression. Many see food as symbol of togetherness and tie certain dishes and recipes with life events and special occasions.

There are many creative ways you can present food and capture the act of serving and consuming it. As a marketer, discovering ways to help your audience connect with your brand and deepen the experience of sharing or consuming food is part of the fun!

Let us help you think outside the pack shot with these creative concepts and thought starters:

Turn food preparation into a fun family activity

Food isn't just about the tastebuds, much of the time the enjoyment begins during the experience of preparing and serving it. Cooking, baking and preparing food can be a meaningful opportunity for people to bond over a shared activity. Photos showing parents and kids cooking together will help your audience connect your brand to a feeling of warmth and fun.

Share enticing serving suggestions

The eyes eat first so if you really want to inspire your audiences then sharing a range of serving suggestions is the fastest way to do this! Create photos presenting ideas from simple garnishes to Pinterest-worthy platings, the more concepts you can share the easier it will be for your audience to hunger after your product.

Capture the social spirit of sharing food

Nothing beats sharing a delicious meal or snack with your favourite people! Photos capturing groups of people dining together or tables filled with food will get your audience thinking about the people they would love to share some food with. Adding some social context and happy people consuming your brand will make your shares much more engaging and relatable.

Localise for target market tastes

This technique is especially helpful for when your target market may be unfamiliar with your product and how to enjoy it. By incorporating your brand into local recipes, culture and consumption occasions, you'll be able to resonate more deeply with the people you are trying to market to.

Increase relevance with local sights

As well as customising your content for local tastebuds you can also take your product on location to known landmarks or sites. This helps increase the relevancy of your posts as your audiences will recognise images that reflect their location and lifestyle.

Put your product in the centre of delicious recipes

The products of many food brands are just the starting point for many delicious meals and DIY creations. Sharing recipes are the perfect way to to give your audiences a helping hand in deciding what to create with your products. Everyone has unique tastes so presenting your brand in a variety of recipe creations is a brilliant way to connect with a range of different people.


Integrate your brand into consumption occasions

All types of occasions and times of day call for nourishment and sustenance. It's helpful to create content that reminds people of the different moments in which their lifestyles can be supplemented with your brand. Making the connection between specific events and your product will help trigger a response in your audience and encourage consumption of your products.

Snapshot the preparation process

Many consumers love the process of preparing food almost as much as the end result. Tap into the passions of food enthusiasts everywhere by capturing images of the cooking process. Clever use of carousel features will even let brands show photos of the different preparation stages before, during, and after. Cooking is often messy and chaotic so audiences may find this side of your product even more relatable!

Showcase your key ingredients

People are hungrier than ever to know exactly what is going into their food. Brands that have interesting ingredients or key flavours have an opportunity to create visually appealing images highlighting what's inside. Fresh ingredients and produce make particularly vibrant subjects to add interest and context to product photos.

Show how versatile your product is

Keeping your item front of mind for consumers is a much simpler process when you can demonstrate its versatility. You want your brand to be a go-to solution for hungry people. By showing them a variety of situations and servings your product caters to, you'll encourage them to always keep it on hand.

Create cute food that kids can't wait to eat

Food marketing doesn't have to be serious business. Why not create images that express your brand's playful side? Kids love artistic creations that have cute faces or characters and sharing your brand in this way will be appealing to them and their parents.

Get extra creative with conceptual ideas

Want to really capture your audiences' attention? Why not think outside the traditional realm of food and create some surreal, mind bending art. It can be a lot of fun inviting your customers to reimagine your product in whimsical ways. Creativity and fun concepts are a clever way to stand out from the crowd and surprise your audience with something unexpected. Why not make them look twice!

We hope these ideas and examples from Creatively Squared customers were helpful in inspiring your next marketing campaign. Producing a variety of content and continually testing out new ideas is the best way to resonate with your target market.

A love of food is something that all cultures have in common but it is still essential to tailor your content for individual audiences. Your customers want to see their unique tastes and individual lifestyles reflected in the content you share and promote.

Creating customised images for your brand that cater to a range of audiences doesn't have to be complicated. Creatively Squared have passionate food creators in most markets worldwide that can ensure the relevancy of your ads and communications.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help, simply book a demo and we will show you how we can scale your content production to satisfy your worldwide audiences.

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