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10 unique ways to create book inspired images from an expert Bookstagrammer

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10 unique ways to create book inspired images from an expert Bookstagrammer

It’s time to open the book on your creativity and get creative with your next photo. Books can inspire us with their physical form or with the stories inside. With a creative medium like books to work with the possibilities are endless!

There are many Instagram accounts, or 'bookstagrams' as they are known, dedicated to reviewing and showcasing books and their contents in all their glory. We are honoured to have expert Bookstagrammer Bronte from @frombeewithlove as our muse showing us some great starting points to get creative with books. Here are 10 unique ideas for getting inspired for your next book themed photo.

1. Use books as your backdrops

books aligned as a patterned backdrop with teacups and saucers
books laid on the floor as a backdrop and in a heart shape

2. Set your pages free

reading a magical book as the pages float away and letters fly off the page
woman reading book in train station as the pages fly away

3. Be inspired by the cover art

floating flame illustrations in sky with woman holding book in field
digital photo collage of woman and book cover

4. …Or create your own book cover

woman lying on book cover printed onto duvet bed spread and pillow cases


5. Let your body become the book

censored writing with black bars marked on womans back

6. …Or just rest it on them

relaxing in bathtub filled with books
resting feet and outstretched legs on a stack of books

7. Find inventive ways to use the pages

woman in milk bath with botanical leaves flowers and pages of book
pages of book applied to wall in festive shape of a christmas tree

8. Dress up as characters from your favourite book

dressed up as the wicked witch from oz
dressed up as harry potter behind suitcase with magic wand potion and owl

9. Use the shape of books to tell their own story

open books creating angel wings for woman lying on the floor
hot air balloon created out of open books with a teacup basket

10. Open the book to reveal what’s inside

open harry potter book with cut out pages

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of Bronte’s beautiful imagery and are feeling inspired to create your own photo in your own unique style. There’s no limit to what you can do with the endless stories and inspiration found in books and we hope that this blog has helped you ignite some great ideas and ways to create with books.

All pictures courtesy of Bronte @frombeewithlove.

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