Case Study: Tavalon

Tavalon is a prestigious brand from New York City with a range of exclusive and delicious teas. Managing Director Matt wanted to capture the experience of enjoying a cup of tea and have the Creatively Squared community create images around their morning routines. over 200 entries came in from all around the world creating a visual feast of morning and tea inspired images. One of the entries submitted with @tavalonaus tagged in the caption even got 6,400k likes which on it's own was incredible exposure for the Tavalon brand!

Mornings Challenge

Statistics gathered during live challenge week for posts shared using #cs_mornings

Posts: 210

Likes: 46,857

Comments: 2,903

Total engagements: 49,760

Engagement: 6.1%

Reach: 484,051

Impressions: 813,522

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Global exposure

Even though the 'mornings' theme was open to a variety of creative interpretations it was clear that all around the world people seem to have one thing in common - enjoying a cup of tea. Through their creative challenge Tavalon were able to connect with a world wide audience of tea drinkers and interact with them during the entire week of promotion. 

brand assets

The mornings theme generated a large number of creative assets that Tavalon were able to access and re-share on their own Instagram account. With so many different entries from around the world there was a bounty of creative ideas and inspiration to be found within the 200+ photos submitted to the #cs_mornings hashtag. 

The experience

With no two images alike - this photo challenge allowed the community to creatively express the experience of their morning routines in a variety of unique ways. These creative interpretations were high on context and truly captured how their morning cup of tea felt and how they enjoyed it.