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10 images / mth

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Access to the best creative talent in +100 countries


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30 images / mth

2-3 creators

Up to 3 briefs

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Access to the best creative talent in +100 countries


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100+ images / mth

Min 10 creators

Unlimited briefs

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Access to the best creative talent in +100 countries


Monthly Pricing. Unused briefs & images are rolled over and can be used anytime in the future. Pricing in US Dollars

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25 images

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Can I see an examples of your image packages?

Check out our Portfolio for examples of our content, you can also join our mailing list for monthly content highlights.

Do you only provide product photography?

We specialise in working with products but also love the challenge of creating eye catching images based on your brand or a creative brief. Check out some of our weekly Instagram Challenges to see how we turn themes into amazing visuals.

What if I don’t need images for the month?

Unused briefs and images rollover every month, so you can use them in the future as required. Our startup package works great if you need 30 images each quarter..

Are you a professional photography service?

Our Content Creators are a mix of professionals, talented amateurs and social media experts that work from their own home with their own props to provide you with authentic lifestyle images that your customers will love. By working in real situations we reduce the costs associated with photographers, stylists, studio fees, props and equipment.

How do you select who creates my images?

We use a proprietary AI matching algorithm that incorporates visual aesthetics, brand values and your location requirements to shortlist candidates, our expert creative team then verify the shortlist and identify the best creatives for your brand. All of our content creators have gone through a rigorous selection process to join Creatively Squared.

How many content creators work on each project?

We prefer to use a number of creatives on each project so you receive a variety of images, typically each creator will provide 10-15 images. We also rotate creatives between projects to keep your content fresh. Of course if you find a creator you particularly love you're able to request them again.

What if I don’t like the images?

Our aim is to provide you with a variety of images using different creative interpretations of your brief, however being subjective work we can’t guarantee you will love every image provided. Following every completed brief, we ask you to select your favourite images and content creators, which form part of the your next brief so our system learns what works for you and your customers over time.

If there are objective errors in the images (eg. you asked to not use a colour, which has been featured in the images), then we will of course cover reshoots to fix the issue.

Do you crowdsource the content?

Crowdsourcing platforms run competitions asking creators to work for free in the hope of being selected, instead we focus on matching you with the best suited creators upfront and pay our creators for every image they provide. This results in higher quality, affordable content as our content creators aren’t attempting to produce 100’s of images in the hope of being selected once. Instead, we identify the best talent and they’re 100% focussed on doing the best job possible to create thumb stopping content celebrating your brand.

What do you mean by lifestyle images?

In contrast to studio photography, all of our content creators work in real locations and settings to produce authentic, engaging images. Traditionally marketers would optimise images for technical accuracy (think studio lighting and white background images), whereas today it’s about conveying the experience of your brand and adding context to your products.

If you have detailed image by image requirements then studio photography is better suited.

Lifestyle photography is about telling a story through a lens

What details do I need to get started?

We ask for details about your brand and visual inspiration of what you like and dislike - Pinterest mood boards are ideal. Your confirmation email contains a link to your dedicated Creative Brief, once this is complete we’ll be in touch with your creator details and next steps. Here’s an example of our Creative Brief so you can see exactly what’s required.

Do you provide talent?

We don't provide model releases as standard, but we do include people where they aren't personally identifiable. If models and releases are required, contact us for further details.

Do you provide other forms of visual content such as video or stop motion?

We also provide stop motion content and plan to launch video content soon, contact us for more details.

What are your payment options?

All payments are made via our secure credit card system powered by Stripe, or alternatively using PayPal. For Enterprise accounts, we can issue an invoice with payment via PO, contact us for details.

Other questions?

Simply live chat with us here or complete our enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.