Case study: Madel Night Lights

The founder of Madel Night Lights, Madeline Webb, wanted to fill her social media content calendar and update her website with some fresh images of her products. As she explored the idea of organising a studio shoot Madeline quickly realised that setting up a studio set designed to look like a child's bedroom was going to be an expensive exercise. Each item to be used on set was going to incur an extra fee and if she didn't want to give up too much of her own precious time to do the art direction she would need to hire a stylists on top of the photographer and equipment. Selling children's night lights needs a gentle touch and Madeline was concerned that a studio shoot wouldn't capture the emotional benefits of her lamps and the security and peace of mind it brings to the families that use them.

She needed to show potential buyers how these lamps could fit into their homes and with a variety of boys, girls and gender neutral designs in her shop needed more variety than what one studio photoshoot could provide. By working with Creatively Squared, Madeline was able to get her night lights photographed inside the homes of four families and generated a engaging content library that showcased her products in genuine lifestyle situations.


interior style

As well as the benefits of the night lights they were also a stylish home decor item. Setting up a studio shoot for a child's bedroom can miss the genuine warmth of an authentic family home. Stylish mama-to-be Stephanie was expecting some twin babies and had designed a beautiful gender neutral nursery for her new arrivals. She placed the night lights into different areas of her perfectly styled home and captured on-trend images showcasing Madeline's products in use.

A human touch

In addition to the interior photos, Madeline wanted to see some images of children interacting with her lamps. Luckily content creator Jacquie had four beautiful children who were smitten with the lamps and couldn't wait for their turn to use them. While working on the campaign from home, Mum Jacquie found it easy to capture her kids enjoying the lamps in a natural environment and the photoshoot became a fun family activity.



The resulting campaign generated 50 custom created images for Madel Night Lights which were all  edited ready to post online. By using four different creatives to collaborate on the campaign there was a wonderful variety in the resulting images but all were on brand for Madel.

The shoot cost a fraction of the studio quotes that Madeline had received and the process of ordering and receiving the images was as simple as clicking a few buttons.

"The images I received are better than my professional photoshoots. Creatively Squared has become my secret weapon, replacing entirely the cumbersome and expensive old-school photoshoot."

Madeleine Webb, founder of Madel Night Lights