How to Hygge: a guide to getting the most out of this Danish word.


Top ways to capture the perfect Hygge moment

Hygge (pronounced “Hooga”) is a Danish word that roughly translates to cosiness and enjoying the simple things in life. I’ve popped together my top 5 things to create the perfect Hygge inspired image.


1. Set the mood

Hygge is all about creating the mood of warmth & cosiness. Candles are a perfect way of building a cosy atmosphere. There is something about a beautiful flame to create a warm light in a space. I also love fairy lights for the soft light they bring to a space.

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2. Add lots of texture

Chunky wool knits, faux fur & cotton blankets in muted natural tones are perfect for snuggly spaces whether you enjoy them on your own or with your family.


3. Indulge a little

Hygge is a treat for the senses so brew your favourite coffee, hot chocolate or tea. Pick up your favourite book or draw a hot bath. Treat yourself.

hygge nature spring cherry blossom

4. Bring the outdoors in

For me, Hygge is about embracing natures beauty and bringing that into your space. This can be anything from beautiful indoor plants, decorating with natural timbers, enjoying the light in your home or star gazing out the window.

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5. Have fun & enjoy

The Danes are the happiest nation on earth and Hygge is all about enjoyment. Make the time to enjoy that Hygge feeling on your own or with friends and family. It is easy to look past the simple pleasures when our schedules are busy and our to do lists are long. But the more we practice being in the moment the better we get. My favourite Hygge moments are picnics in the afternoon light with my nearest & dearest.

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About the author

Dani Barrois is a Sydney based creative stylist, photographer & pastel addict. Dani has a background in Graphic Design & now provides clients with creative content creation services. Within her home studio she creates fresh imagery & specialises in natural light photography to create beautiful stories around a brand.

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