Meet the Creatives: Eszter Csáky

Meet Eszter Csáky

My name is Eszter, I am 30 years old and I was born and raised in Hungary which is a tiny country in the heart of Europe with wonderful people and delicious food. I am currently living in Germany with my Persian husband. I have a degree in medicine and I am working in the field of neurology which I really enjoy but there is not much room for creativity amongst the strictly prescribed guidelines which is why I started to post on Instagram. Taking pictures and creating flatlays is one of my favourite way to relax and I love being part of this creative community.

Eszter  Csáky  headshot.jpeg

Q&A with Eszter

How would you describe your creative style?
I love to create flatlays and still life photos, I am still experimenting with my editing style but most of my pictures are bright and have a pink hue.


What kind of equipment do you use?
I take 90% of my photos on my iPhone 6s and 10% on a Sony 58 alpha camera along with my tripod


No tripod? No worries! Find out how Eszter took this ceiling height shot using just some basic household items in her guest blog: Ceiling height photography: How to capture the perfect 'on the bed' style flatlay

Can you share a few of your favourite images you have created and tell us why you love them?

Eszter  Csáky  image 1.jpeg

This is one of the first picture I created for one of my favourite small businesses (and this week’s challenge sponsor) Brin d'Aromes. I wanted to show how pretty these handcrafted tea bags are and I am really proud of this picture.

Eszter  Csáky  image 2.jpeg

This flatlay gives me the perfect morning vibes: bright colors, different textures, coffee and croissant.

Eszter  Csáky  image 3.jpeg

My 30th birthday was obviously a big milestone in my life and I just love this wall art I created from flowers.

Eszter is the guest host of our ‘Tea Time’ themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Eszter’s photos on her Instagram account @handmadeglamour and visit her website

Meet the Creatives: Erin Summer

Erin Summer headshot.jpeg

Meet Erin Summer!

Hi guys! My name is Erin and I am an artist, photographer and content creator from Toronto, Canada. I just love to spread and share joy and positive vibes with art and creativity. I am so happy to be partnering with Creatively Squared and I can’t wait to see what the community creates this week!

Q&A with Erin

How would you describe your creative style?
Colorful, whimsical and optimistic with a touch of humour


What kind of equipment do you use?
For my photography I use a Nikon D3300 camera and I edit everything in Adobe Photoshop on my MacBook. As for my studio I have a very basic set up with a fabric backdrop and some cheap not-so-great lighting. I still rely on natural light for almost everything I shoot!


Can you tell us why the challenge theme ‘Bright’ resonates with you?
I find bright colours so uplifting. Using colour to inspire and make someone smile is always my number one goal when I am creating a visual. I’m excited to see how the creatively squared participants use bright colours to spread joy this week!

Can you share some of your favourite images you have created and tell us why you love them?

Erin Summer image 1.jpeg

It’s so ridiculous, I just love how you look at it and can’t help but laugh

Erin Summer image 2.jpeg

I just love the colours here. I love how simple the concept is, but it really pops


I love it mostly because other people really responded to it. When my work speaks to others in becomes a lot more important to me!

Erin is the guest host of our ‘Bright’ themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Erin’s bright and whimsical photos on her Instagram account @erinsummer_ and visit her website

Meet the Creatives: Lisa Lee


Meet Lisa Lee

My love for interior styling and renovation started at the age of 6 when I moved with my parents into an old farm house in the Netherlands. The house was renovated room by room, day by day, year by year and my sister and I were actively involved in breaking down walls and ripping up carpet. Since then, my interest has continued to grow in my new home of Australia, where I share my love of scandi style on my blog and via insta. I am a confessed home improvement TV show junkie and DIY lover.

Q&A with Lisa

How would you describe your creative style?

Scandi with a hint of me. I like upcycling and DIY-ing so there's a lot of 'projects' to be seen

What kind of equipment do you use?

I take my photos with an Olympus Pen EPL8. It's perfect for me. I can shoot everything on the manual settings, but it's a lot more compact than an DSLR. My fave editing app on my phone is Snapseed.


Can you tell us why you love the idea of ‘less is more’?

I am a clutter free, organised person. And I recently did a big revamp of my wardrobe. I donated all clothes i didn't wear anymore and purchased a few items that met my new criteria.

They had to be:

A) Functional,  (eg. easy to wash and practical)

B) Baby friendly, so no delicate silks!

C) Playground proof, no more tight miniskirts and high heels...

and D) cool and stylish - just because I'm a mum now doesn’t mean I need to look dull!

You have an incredible Instagram account, can you share a few of your favourite shots and tell us why you love them?


I love this picture as I put so much work in creating a beautiful and inspiring playroom for Benji. This was one of the first times he used it and his face just tells it all. I’m so glad i managed to capture this moment


I love this image because it shows you can mix and match patterns and textures and still create a calm look. I also like it because it proves that you can have toys in your living room without looking like you're a plastic addict


I've started doing some product styling gigs more recently and am really enjoying this. We will expand this further in the new year, which is scary and exciting too.

Lisa is the guest host of our ‘Less is More’ themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Lisa’s photos on her Instagram account @whiteandwander and visit her website

When Art meets Fashion: Meet the Designer Behind Third Boi Apparel

Third Boi campaign 1.jpg

Meet Bianca Latorre, founder and director of Third Boi

My name is Bianca Latorre and I live in Melbourne with my handsome husband and two gorgeous boys Samson 5 and Willem almost 3.  They are always full of energy and often covered in dirt! We love hanging out at home, the nearby park or getting together with family.

The name Third Boi actually came about since this project requires the same amount of love, dedication and energy as raising a small child so it is in effect my third boy baby.  I am also the third of three girls so there is that link as well.

Bianca and her two sons in their Melbourne home

Bianca and her two sons in their Melbourne home

Q&A with Bianca

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would definitely say that I’m all about simple design. It’s almost more challenging to create something beautiful and original whilst resisting the temptation to over do it.  I also love good colour use. It’s funny how colour can literally make or break a design.


What inspired you to switch careers from homewares to fashion design?

I always wanted to make clothes. When I was in grade 5 were given a project to select a career and research it. I, along with about most of the other girls in the class, picked Fashion Designer. I already loved drawing and quickly became obsessed with fashion drawing using watercolours. I used to spend hours in my room drawing these girls with disproportionately long legs and no faces!

I also always loved fine arts so my compromise was to study textile design as a way to fulfil my love of art and fashion at the same time.  I sort of fell into Homeware design when I was presented a job opportunity with a friend whilst at Uni and quickly became hooked. The world of homeware design seemed so untapped at that time.  I also had a part time retail job at Country Road. I worked my way into Head Office where I was a homeware production assistant before weaselling my way into the Design team at the first opportunity I got (with the help of a very supportive manager at the time).

Third boi campaign 3.jpg

Fast Forward almost 10 years when a career break from full time work after maternity leave had me freelancing and working mostly from home.  Suddenly a lot of my much loved wardrobe was not longer suitable. Add to that my changed body after 2 kids and I had a constant struggle with what to put on every day.  Sure there was a lot of casual gear on the market but I couldn’t find my ‘look’ and I needed more flattering lines and oversized silhouettes… then I had a light bulb moment.  I contacted my agent in India to see if we could work on apparel and suddenly the leap was made.

What (or who) have been your biggest influences when it comes to expressing yourself creatively?

My mum and late Nonna were massive influences on me, they were both exceptional at sewing and taught me well.  Nonna used to sew just about everything from PJs to aprons, tablecloths and curtains. And my mum made a lot of beautiful dresses for us girls.  They were always buying fabric and trims. I never even knew that you could buy a matching sheet set without seams because ours were always home made haha.

My aunty who was close in age to me and my two sisters was also an early fashion influence on me.  She loved shopping and loved designer clothing. As a little girl I used to sit on the edge of the bath and watch her put on makeup and get dressed for a night out with friends.  As a teenager she was always so generous in letting us raid her wardrobe. I used to turn up to casual clothes day at school in her CK jeans (very 90’s hip) and her all her Scanlan and Theodore gear.

I also love Australian designers.  Some of my favourites are of course Scanlan and Theodore (actually got to briefly work alongside Fiona Scanlan at CR – she was amazing!), Camilla and Marc, Viktoria and Woods, Bassike, Ginger and Smart, Bianca Spender, Jac + Jack, Kitx by Kit Willow, Dion Lee and Life with Bird (can’t wait to see what their next project will be).


What is your creative process from initial concept to a finished Third Boi design?

The first thing I do before starting any work is to drop the boys at Kinder! My work is done around the clock and I’m constantly designing things in my head. The bulk of it is done when the kids are not home because the little one likes to get his sticky fingers on my keyboard and the older one is obsessed with looking at my screensaver for some reason He also likes to draw his own little designs that he wants me to add to my collection and is fully expecting to see his red jacket make an appearance in the range soon….so look out for it girls!

Once the boys are at kinder nothing else happens until I’ve made myself a latte. After that I light my favourite candle (Burnt Oakmoss by Alchemy Produx) and put on some good tunes - I’m loving indie arrivals on Spotify at the moment - then it’s time to work!

I always start a range with a good mood board or two.  I am the queen of mood boards. Sometimes the creative process gets confusing when you have a lot of ideas swirling around in your head and it’s hard to stay focused.  I find a coming back to a mood board can keep things on track. It is a very fluid process, things can organically take on a new direction, so the boards get updated along the way. 

I collate imagery from blogs, the latest runway shows, Pinterest and Instagram. Sometimes I might even go all old school and scan something out of a magazine! I also always have a pile of fabric swatches and colour chips on hand so there’s a library of resources ready to go when I start.  I then put together a carefully selected colour palette, which changes a billion times before it’s finalised, to make sure all the shades are the perfect Pantone.

Colour is so important, it has to be just right.

Then I work on the seasonal prints. Since I’m a qualified textile Designer, Third Boi prints are all original, exclusive and created by me.  Then I work on the styles and range building. This is the trickiest and most technical part. Making sure all the shapes are wearable, flattering and commercial but also interesting and have a point of difference with attention to detail and quality trims…. whoa it’s exhausting just thinking about it but also so much fun, I love it!!!


People often ask me how I know what the fashion and colour trends will be. If I’m honest, whilst I keep close tabs on what’s happening in the fashion world, with the type of clothing that I am trying to create, I rely less on fashion trends and more on designing from my own gut.  I am basically creating product that I myself would like to own, and hoping the rest of the world gets my vibe. Often it will all start with one image or colour that I am drawn to and build up from there. That’s the way I have always designed.

When I started designing homeware at Country Road, there actually were no real trends for home. Since we were primarily a fashion house anyway, we would look to fashion for inspiration and spy on the womenswear designers and what they had brought back from overseas. Ultimately my job was to translate that into something very saleable for the home, so my own design instincts would have to kick in.


What were some of the challenges of launching into an entirely new career? 

I’d have to say my biggest challenge in launching this label is ‘getting it out there’. The process of design and product development as well as the world of logistics and importing behind the scenes was already all very familiar to me. The rest of what goes into getting a product to market is normally handed over from a designer to some clever merchandisers, stylists, marketing teams and sales people to take the reigns. As a small business with limited resources, I’ve had to quickly learn a few things. But I’ve been lucky enough to meet some awesome people to work with and help me realise this aspect of the dream!

What will you be looking for when you judge this week's creative challenge entries?

I will be looking for something that jumps out at me and inspires me.  I love imagery with good colour composition and am drawn to clean, architectural and simple lines - hence the theme ‘Less is More’.

Third boi announcement.jpeg

Bianca is the sponsor of our ‘Less is More' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details and you could win a $250 voucher to spend at Third Boi

You can shop the Third Boi collection online and join Bianca on Instagram at @third_boi

Meet the Creatives: Leah Ladson

Meet Leah!

I take rad photos of rad people (and things!) - I am a photographer who is about all things business and branding. I specialise in capturing female-led businesses; whether it be headshots, product/lifestyle or flatlay photography. Basically anything to make your website and socials look shit hot!


Q&A with Leah

How would you describe your creative style?

Bright & fun!

What kind of equipment do you use?

I currently shoot with my Canon 5D mk3 (about to upgrade to the mk4 when I can part with the $7k price tag) and I alternate between my 24-70mm & 70-200mm lenses. Post-Production i am all things Apple/Mac and am slightly old school and only use Photoshop to edit.

You are hosting this week’s ‘flatlay’ themed creative challenge, can you tell us why this theme resonated with you?

Well, without sounding cocky - My clients have dubbed me 'The Flatlay Queen' so it was only fitting I got on board with this theme!

Can you share a few of your favourite flatlays and tell us why you love them?

I absolutely LOVE travelling, so when I was asked to create some flatlays for a travel agent, I got out all of my souvenirs I've collected over the years and went to town!


This was one of the first big brands that asked me to create some imagery for them. I was (and still am) so humbled to have created imagery for a national brand that is seen in Woolworths!


This is one of my more recent flatlays - I did everything from scratch. I shopped the ingredients, I styled the shoot and I shot it all on my own. This is the shoot that made me realise I needed to employ a stylist. I am both proud and exhausted when I look at this gallery.

Leah is the guest host of our Flatlay themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Leah’s work on her Instagram account @leahladsonphotography and website

Handwritten inspiration with Anna from Write to Me

Anna & Nicoletta, founders of Write to Me

Anna & Nicoletta, founders of Write to Me

Tell us a little about your business?

We started in 2009 with the vision of where we have got today. To create a journal business of linen bound books with old world embossed titles where people can keep their memories alive and pass down through generations.

What inspired you to start Write to Me - how has it grown and developed from your initial vision?

Our business was inspired by a box of letters left to my husband that were his mothers who he lost when he was 12.

What do you think Write to Me has gained so much momentum? What’s been the most successful marketing outlet?

At the end of the day the most precious thing you can be left with is a handwritten something from someone you love. It keeps them alive, it keeps those times alive and I think that the story we tell resonates with our customers and followers.

They want that for their children, their special occasions and special moments in their lives. 

How do you choose which brands / creators to feature or collaborate with?

Anyone that comes across as nice and that would share the same outlook and passion for the message that we do.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Creatively Squared. Did it allow your brand to connect authentically with new audiences?

It was lovely to hear everyones stories about moments that matter to them. Interacting with all the posts and meeting new friends!

How did it activate customers to share real stories that show your brand’s purpose and aspirations?

I think that the topic really resonated with the Creatively Squared audience. At the end of the day the moments in your life that are special to you or mean the most to you, you want to document and talk about.


What are you noticing now in terms of how consumers relate to authentic content? How important is it to harness this?

People believe people. They want to hear and see how people interact with a story or a product. They are invaluable testimonials.

What are two aspects of business in which you believe a new brand should invest resources?

Invest in your product and good photography!

What are a few brands you are crushing on right now? Or where do you get your inspiration from?

We crush on the friends we have made along the way working hard to build their brands through their own creative outlets. It is the hardest job to run your own business, you never stop.

And we are grateful to have made some beautiful friends in the past 10 years in business. 

We get our inspiration from living our lives. We like to remain as authentic to our journey as we can so we keep our blinkers on as our vision is our biggest inspiration.

What’s next for Write to Me?

In the short future - we have 6 new titles coming out in a few weeks. And long term - we will keep building until we fill a library of options for people to write their lives.

Take a look at Write to Me's beautiful guided journals at

Meet the Creatives: Alyssa Stokes

Meet Alyssa!

I am a nature flat lay enthusiast, mom to two little boys, and an art and photography teacher. I love nature, color, creativity, and collecting. 


Q&A with Alyssa Stokes

How would you describe your creative style?
My faffing and flatlays allow me to gather and arrange beauty from my garden and celebrate the seasons. My family loves to help me forage for petals and other small natural objects on our walks. My meditations on these objects include petal squares, floral wreaths, and other designs created along side a good cup of coffee. 

What kind of equipment do you use?
I photograph and edit primarily on my iPhone. It works best with busy mom life! Snapseed is my favorite editing app, although I enjoy playing with Adobe Photoshop when I am teaching. Currently my studio is my dining room table and I use natural, diffused window light. 

Can you tell us why the theme "In Bloom" is important to you?
I am a fan of all things floral, so hosting the "In Bloom" challenge is a perfect fit for me! Styling Chantal's paper flowers was such fun and not too different from working with real blooms. I can't wait to see all the creative floral posts week! 

Can you share some of your favourite images you have created and why you love them?


I love the sweet simplicity of this petal square. It includes some of my favorite natural props, such as a hydrangea flowers and ferns. 


I feel like this image is very representative of my coffee and flower style. I love using these old book pages as a background! I took apart one of my hubby's books a few years ago and have been laying out the pages ever since. 


My two year old son is obsessed with balloons and this image reminds me of him. Also sunflowers are such an important part of our life every summer and our yard is filled with them! 

Alyssa is the guest host of our In Bloom themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Alyssa's beautiful images on her Instagram account astokes_photo

Forever in bloom: Meet the Queen of Paper Petals

Combining her love of cooking and capturing special memories on paper, Chantal Larocque began using utensils in the kitchen to shape petals and craft one of a kind paper blooms. Her imagination flourished as she brought more flowers to life, decorating homes and special celebrations all around the world. Chantal has just published her first book, sharing her tips and tutorials so that others can create their own floral art out of paper. We had a chat with Chantal to find out more about where she finds inspiration and what let her to start her own paper flower empire.

Tell us a bit about yourself Chantal
I’m married to a wonderful guy who is my #1 fan and the best supportive husband ever! Before I started my paper flower venture I was the proud owner of a little Café outside of Montréal. Cooking is one of my favourite art forms where I love to express myself creatively. I’m addicted to styling gorgeous table settings and gourmet food is my speciality.


Q&A with Chantal Larocque

What inspired you to start creating paper flowers?
When my father passed away in 2005, I felt compelled to create beautiful photo albums to remember and celebrate all the happy moments we shared. This lead me to discover the wonderful world of scrapbooking and eventually to the art of making the paper flowers. My little paper patch grew into an oversized garden and eventually to a magnificent realm - I became an expert and a book deal was signed!

What is your creative process for capturing each flowers unique form and petals out of paper?
I rarely sketch out my new flower designs or plan them in advance, I usually just envision the complete paper flower in my head before I start cutting the petals. It is similar to when I cook, I know exactly how a new dish will taste even before I start mixing the ingredients. I’m not sure how it all happens it just seem to work that way for me!

What has been one of the most memorable installations you have every created?
Oh, There’s a few! I think the most memorable would be the floral compositions I designed for the Celebrity Gift Suite during the 2017 pre-Golden Globes Awards Celebrations. I had just completed and submitted my book manuscript to my publisher, which was a huge accomplishment so to start the new year with such a prestigious project felt pretty awesome!

#CS -Golden Globes Gift Suite Flowers.jpg

I also recently made thousands of paper roses for a DIOR window installation at Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Beach and I was told yesterday the installation will be featured in 2 other stores in Miami! I wish I had some photos to share with you of this one.

Could you share some of your top tips for crafting out of paper?

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - As creative people we tend to be overly critical of our work and I learned a long time ago there is no such thing as an ugly paper flower - even something that isn’t perfect in my eyes can be considered so beautiful to someone else.
  • Use what you have on hand - Paper flower making wasn’t very popular when I first started so I discovered that I could use objects I had in my kitchen drawers as tools. For example, I use a sushi stick to curl and a rounded measuring spoon to shape my petals. You don’t need to break the bank to start making paper flowers  - be resourceful and use what you have around the house!

What are a couple of your favourite floral creations
I love my Peony of course and the Gardenia which is so lovely to add to any floral composition!

The Gardenia - styled.jpg

What will you be looking for when you judge this week's creative challenge?
In my book I teach people how to make fabulous paper flowers but there are also chapters where I share ideas on how and when to use paper flowers in different settings at home or at various events. This week I’ll be looking for people creating images featuring original ways to incorporate flowers, paper, silk or real into their lives and busy routine!

Chantal is the sponsor of our 'In Bloom' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details and win one of 3x copies of 'Bold and Beautiful Paper Flowers' PLUS an $80 voucher to spend on beautiful blooms from Paper and Peony

You can shop the Paper and Peony collection and book online at

Taking a plastic-free journey to zero-waste with the founder of Ecologique

Meet Anna! Founder of Ecologique

Tell us a bit about yourself Anna
Hey there! Born and raised in sunny Perth, Australia I live in the northern suburbs with my husband and our sixteen year old cat. By day (and sometimes by night!), I work on my two businesses One Happy Leaf and Ecologique. When I’m not in my studio, I love to relax by hitting my local ice skating rink. In addition to ice skating, I have a passion for growing my own food, spending sunny days in the garden tending to my fifteen veggie patches and nine fruit trees.


What inspired you to start a collection of eco friendly products?
After founding One Happy Leaf eco-jewellery and homewares, it became clear to me that I also wanted to help others on their zero-waste and plastic-free journey. The concept of Ecologique began as a place to provide functional and beautifully-designed zero-waste lifestyle tools and other eco-friendly products. 

In what ways have you changed your own lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment?
My changes have been gradual over the last few years, and every day I seem to learn something new that I can try out to reduce my impact on the environment. I’m inspired by clever zero waste bloggers like The Rogue Ginger and Going Zero Waste 

Apart from the obvious use of reusable straws, coffee cups and grocery bags, I have been looking at other ways to reduce my waste in small habitual ways. Just in the last few months I have been focusing specifically on reducing my plastic waste, so I have started:

  • buying a lot of my pantry items in bulk to reduce plastic packaging
  • baking my own bread to prevent purchasing a plastic bread bag
  • using a tea strainer with tea leaves instead of using plastic-lined teabags
  • using bamboo cotton buds as opposed to plastic buds
  • using a menstrual cup instead of plastic-wrapped tampons and pads
  • making my own homemade cleaning products to reduce plastic packaging found with cleaning products

Oh, my husband and I are also vegetarian for environmental (and ethical) reasons. We try to grow as much food as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and compost most of our food waste back into our veggie patches.

There is so much more I can do in the future and I look forward to trying a new environmentally-friendly habit every month to help the environment.

What do you look for when sourcing materials and products to add to your collection?
I look for three things: the products must be beautiful, functional, and useful in helping someone on their path to living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Stainless steel straw bamboo.jpg

Congratulations on selling out of your first batch of reusable straws, can you tell us more about what other products we can expect to see from Ecologique?
Absolutely! I will begin by adding products that I have used in my own journey to enhance my eco lifestyle. In the next few months I will be adding all the basics, like reusable coffee cups, water bottles, tea strainers, stainless steel reusable razors and portable cutlery. All of these products will be high quality with beautiful aesthetics.   

What will you be looking for when you judge this week’s photo challenge?
You don’t need to have amazing “instagrammable” plants growing in your garden to win – I just want to see joy and creativity in what you have found in your garden.

Anna is the sponsor of our  'From the Garden' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details and win one of 3x $100 vouchers to spend at Ecologique

You can join Anna on her quest for a zero-waste lifestyle and shop the Ecologique collection online at

Meet the Creatives: Iswarya Venkatakrishnan

bag spill rainbow.jpg

Meet: Iswarya  Venkatakrishnan


I am Iswarya and I currently reside in Hong Kong, working as a UX Designer . I love creating colourful content with paper and seeing an idea take shape even at the end of a long working day is the most satisfying feeling. I love travelling and you can always find me roaming around in Google maps Street View to find colourful places to visit.

Q&A with Iswarya

How would you describe your creative style?
Playful, Colourful and Happy. I love to explore different colours and I always envision my creations having fun while being photographed

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use a sony a7rII camera to take all my photos.


Can you tell us why you love Rainbows?
Rainbows always evoke a positive happy feeling. I love creating content in rainbow colours and hope it will be an instant mood booster to everyone who is looking at it

Can you share a few of of your favourite images you have created and tell us why you love them?


I took this image when I turned 28 and i like it as it reminds me that no matter how old, always have fun and be as colourful as possible. I personally love it because I worked on this with my Dad.


I love how simple this image is and the gradient of colours works really well here.


I like this image because I think it is fun and mysterious. This is the first image where i tried something completely different and loved the result.

Iswarya is the guest host of our ‘Rainbow’ themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Iswarya’s fun and colourful photos on her Instagram account @ishyvi


Brand stories: Styled party kits for the perfect dinner party


The story of Party Kit Company with Co-Founder Lel Brassel Ngo

The idea for Party Kit Company was conceived in a dingy apartment in Berkeley, California in early 2014. My husband, Khai, and I had left Sydney for a while to study and soak up the 'entrepreneurial spirit' often associated with the San Francisco Bay Area.

One afternoon, while researching party decorations for a styling assignment, I realised how much easier it would be if there were 'kits' of party products available; a 'party in a box' for those short on time, or didn't have the eye for design. Khai walked in the door that arvo, I told him about the idea, and within 48 hours we'd mapped out a business plan and started sourcing products.

We began with two product lines: party kits and living kits. We wanted to be the source for all things 'kits', but about a year after launching, we realised marketing and messaging were too confusing, so we decided to focus solely on Party Kits - we both have a background in event management, so it made sense to focus on that.

We've been so lucky to have family and friends lend their skills to get us up and running (web design, accounting, graphics, etc.), but other than this, we've done everything ourselves. Our belief is to give everything a go, so we can discover what our strengths are, and what we need to outsource. We still do almost everything, except the accounting and the styled shoots.

Q&A with Lel

Why did you decide to utilise Creatively Squared to create your brand’s visual content?
For the first couple of years, I took every photo myself. Looking back on some of those original photos? Wow, they were bad. I still take standard product shots, but coordinating and shooting Insta-worthy images stresses me out - I am no pro when it comes to getting that perfectly lit image.

We decided to use Creatively Squared after Ruth reached out to me; they were a small business starting up, addressing a pain point we were experiencing at that exact moment. I felt like it was meant to be! Having a transparently priced package with a set amount of images was the main attraction; some photographers charge by the hour and you don't often know how many images to expect.


How does Party Kit Company use content to build its brand?
Other party stores tend to just use product photos from wholesalers/manufacturers. Because we package a whole range of products from different manufacturers, custom visual content is a necessity. It is incredibly important to show our potential customers what our products look like in a coordinated manner - a simple collage won't cut it; buyers are short on time and need to see exactly what they're getting (in the prettiest way possible).

When assessing the popularity of each Party Kits, the top sellers are most definitely the ones with the most stunning, styled images to match! That's proof to us how important attractive, visual content is.

What would be your advice to a brand thinking about organising authentic lifestyle content of their products?
Outsource! Unless you're an experienced photographer, or have the time and patience to learn, it's best to get a professional. What you may achieve in six hours, a professional may get done in one hour. Honestly, I could use those extra four hours to work on social media marketing, blogs, website updates, product sourcing, or the million-and-one other things that I'm more skilled at!

What is your favourite image from Creatively Squared? 
My favourite image is the very first image I received back from Nikki of our Donut Party Kit. I remember I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room for some reason, and I gasped when I saw the image. I couldn't stop staring, even on my tiny phone. It was so bright and fun; it captured EXACTLY what our brand is about - clean lines, bright colours and classy composition.

Donut Party Kit 3_small.jpg

What are your personal favourite brands, blogs, websites?
I steer clear of the event industry for creative inspiration, particularly because I think many events nowadays are a bit excessive, especially for young kids! I am a big believer of drawing inspiration from outside sources in order to be truly unique. In an alternate universe, I would have been an architect or florist, so follow brands like Architectural Digest, The Interiors Addict, Hermetica, Floret and McQueens. My personal Insta-feed is an endless stream of flowers, home inspo, and fluffy dogs, of course!

What's next for Party Kit Company?
Big changes! We've done a lot of analysis recently on what customers love the most and also what I enjoy curating; the big winners are our high-end, boutique kits. We previously tried to be everything to everyone, and released licensed items (think Moana, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony...), but honestly, you can grab that stuff at the local discount store. Our renewed focus is on those truly unique items you can only find at the most exclusive party stores; our aim is to give busy parents the most stunning celebrations (in a box), in the most friction-less way possible. Creatively Squared will be with us as we release these new kits, and we can't wait to share the gorgeous visual content their stylists produce!


Follow Party Kit Company on Instagram @partykitco and Facebook and shop the collection at

Brand stories: Startups can promote themselves on a shoestring budget


The story of SOFI Spritz with Founder Tom Maclean

SOFI Spritz was inspired by a trip to Italy where I saw first hand their love for Aperitivo like Aperol Spritz. So when I returned home, I wanted to create a unique version of the spritz suited to the casual outdoor Aussie lifestyle - all-natural and ready to serve with no added sugar.

Since our first little batch we sold at the Bondi Farmers Market, we have run two crowdfunding campaigns, appeared on Shark Tank Australia and expanded our range to three different cocktails in multiple pack formats.


Q&A with Tom

Why did you decide to utilise Creatively Squared to create your brand’s visual content?Creatively Squared made the process very easy for our small team - we were able to access amazing content from a broad array of creatives at a cost even our small budgets could fit in. We love to take advantage of platforms that make the most of our very limited marketing budgets as we are up against some huge ones!


How does Sofi Spritz use content to build its brand?
We love to promote #sofiserves so that our loyal consumers can play around with beautiful serves of SOFI with fresh garnishes, distinctive glassware etc. Creatively Squared brings the talent and creativity to inspire our consumers through our social media.

SofiSpritz_49 (1).jpg

What would be your advice to a brand thinking about organising authentic lifestyle content of their products?
Play to your brand's strengths and always keep the end consumer in mind!

What is your favourite image from Creatively Squared? What do you love most about it?
Love this one as it shows the ingredients that go into our newest SOFI recipe so simply and beautifully!


What are your personal favourite brands, blogs, websites or creative minds?
I love podcasts including "How I Built This" - so many amazing minds have been on it - plus a bunch of the Radio National ones.... and I rarely miss watching Colbert's opening monologue on Youtube.

What's next for Sofi Spritz?
Three new recipes hitting the market for pre-sales soon. .... Oh, and she is about to hit the skies with a major airline! Shhh....

Read more about our work with SOFI Spritz in our case study. Follow SOFI Spritz on Instagram @sofispritz and Facebook and shop the collection at

Brand stories: Bracelets and charms for a cause


The story of United Bracelets with Founder James Skinner

United Bracelets launched in late 2017 when a group of friends from Melbourne, Australia brainstormed an amazing idea. They noticed that people yearned for bracelets that embodied the Australian outdoor lifestyle. What they discovered led them on a journey to create beautiful handmade bracelets and personalised jewellery. Fast forward to today and United Bracelets stocks an ever-expanding range, and donates 10% of its profits to local charities.

Q&A with James

Why did you decide to utilise Creatively Squared to create your brand’s visual content?Launching a new brand that nobody new in a highly-competitive industry meant we needed to stand out. Luckily, Creatively Squared allowed us to produce visually stunning images for a great price. Now we can focus on other aspects of our business while dominating in visual content.


How does United Bracelets use content to build its brand?
These days, social media and social proof is critical to any emerging brand, particular one like ours that creates visually stunning products. Creatively Squared allowed us to take it to the next level by creating custom visual content for Facebook and Instagram that stands out from the crowd. We’ve literally tripled our engagement and growth on social media thanks to the content that's been produced for us.


What would be your advice to a brand thinking about organising authentic lifestyle content of their products?
Almost everyone has a camera in their pocket these days so it’s almost expected that any brand should have great visual content. Unfortunately, the average Instagram post or product photo just doesn’t cut it anymore so a small investment in professional authentic lifestyle content is a must.

What is your favourite image from Creatively Squared?
Maybe it’s our sweet tooth but we love this photo! It’s stylish, warm, and invites us to savour the sweeter things in life!


What are your personal favourite brands, blogs, websites?
Our store is powered by Shopify so we love staying up to date with the Shopify Blog and utilising other online resources such as Influencive. Facebook groups such as Shopify Entrepreneurs are a value resource to connect merchants and developers.

What's next for United Bracelets?
We’re super excited to continue to expand our range of products and refine our existing ones. As our brand develops, we hope to see growth in markets outside Australia.


Follow United Bracelets on Instagram @unitedbraceletsau and Facebook and shop the collection at

Meet the Creatives: Bianca Masciulli


Meet Bianca!

I am a Mum of three kids who lives in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I work as a self employed Accountant / Bookkeeper most days whilst my kids are at school and kinder. I discovered Instagram just under three years ago when I was looking for inspiration for our renovation. I am now lucky enough to work as a brand rep and content creator for some amazing brands. I love styling homewares and prints in my home. Content creation has now become a passion of mine, my creative outlet when I’m not crunching numbers!

Q&A with Bianca Masciulli


How would you describe your creative style?
My home has a mixture of white and grey walls (hence the name of my account) so I tend to stick to monochrome colours and tones with some natural elements (greenery and timber). I love to showcase products in my home through shelfies (my favourite prop is the mantle in my bedroom), close up product shots, flatlays and larger scale styled room photos.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use an IPhone 8 Plus. I will hopefully be purchasing a DSLR later in the year to use for close up product shots. I use a few different editing apps, my favourite is PS Express.

Can you tell us why you love art prints and experimenting with pattern?
I have prints all throughout my home. Some are expensive forever pieces, the others are inexpensive internet finds. It is these prints that I change frequently when I modify the style or theme of a room. Without even realising it, I have incorporated patterns through my home via textured pots, ceramic vases, cushions and towels. Patterns don’t need to be bold or bright, most of mine are in muted monochrome tones.

To read some of Bianca's expert interior styling tips see her blog post: Interior style tips: How to transform your space using art prints

Can you share a few of your favourite images and tell us why you love them?


I love how the patterned tray stands out and highlights the candle in this photo. I try to add a bold or patterned element in my flat lays for this reason. A few brands have asked me to recreate this setup for their own products.


This room is a perfect example of my love of monochrome. I’m always constantly changing the look and feel with new cushions and new prints.


My most popular shelfie. It mixes monochrome patterns with layered prints and timber elements. I am always changing the look of this shelf but I did keep that setup for longer than usual.

I am so honoured to be hosting the Creatively Squared challenge this week. Every week I am blown away by the amazing entries, I have saved many for my flatlay inspiration. I look forward to seeing the entries created by your super talented community.

Bianca is the guest host of our 'Prints and Patterns' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Bianca's beautiful images on her Instagram account

Vibrant Whimsy: Meet the Artist Bringing Colour and Positivity to the Community


Meet Shana Danon

Shana is an artist and surface designer who creates vibrant paintings, prints and patterns from her Bondi studio. Inspired by a passion for Mid Century modernism, her work celebrates form, function and colour with a touch of whimsy.

Growing up in a family of artists nurtured Shana to become a maker and work with colour across a variety of media. In her spare time she can be found visiting art galleries, admiring vintage homewares, exploring the NSW coast with her husband & two boys and enjoying live music. Shana is happiest with a camera, coffee or paintbrush in hand. Sometimes all at once!

Shana Danon exhibition.jpeg

Q&A with Shana

How would you describe your creative style?
My patterns and prints are filled with bold colour, organic lines and geometric shapes, referencing the past with a contemporary twist. Modern vintage!

They are conversational pieces for those who love to live colourfully. Emilio Frank Design works are created to inspire bright and positive spaces and evoke joyful memories. Contrasting monochrome linework also features in my works, which works well with minimalist styling and Scandi inspired spaces.


What inspired you to start your own line of artworks, homewares and textiles?
An extensive previous career in professional organising and decluttering cultivated my love for interiors and the home. I encountered mountains of mass produced cheaply made items that were on high turnover and contributed to landfill. I educated my clients about mindful purchasing, recycling and repurposing and was inspired to create my own collections made with quality materials, investment pieces to love for years. Besides the aesthetics of mid century design I greatly admire the workmanship, tools, materials and  level of detail in creating, which I aspire to. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my products as I have a certain vision of how I want them to be.


In honour of this week’s creative challenge theme, can you tell us why you love the classic combination of ‘Prints and Patterns’?
The use of print and pattern can transform a space in a million different ways. Adding movement, energy, colour and emotion - the opportunities are endless to create different moods, styles and themes. I can’t wait to see how it inspires this creative community!

What are a couple of your favourite pieces that you have created and tell us why you love them? 
One of my current favourites is ‘She Will Have Her Way’ - an indigo monochrome piece with a message of empowerment and strength. I have really enjoyed how people have connected to and interpreted it.

She Will Have Her Way by Emilio Frank Design

She Will Have Her Way by Emilio Frank Design

Moonbow  by Emilio Frank Design

Moonbow  by Emilio Frank Design

Another favourite is ‘Moonbow’ inspired by rainbows that are created by lunar light instead of solar. The beauty in nature fascinates this night owl - moonscapes feature heavily in my work. The colour palette is a favourite too.

We think it’s great that you create products that are ethically made using sustainable materials. Tell us about your mission and how you support like-minded makers.
I have been fortunate to collaborate with some incredibly talented makers who help bring my designs to life.  My archival framer and screen printer are both a ten minute walk away and help me create long lasting products by using sustainable materials. The art prints are printed on giclee - museum grade paper that lasts 75 years and the screen printed dachshund tea towels do not fade. I produce small print runs to eliminate wastage and focus on quality.

My packaging is biodegradable and eco friendly, my stationery is printed on sustainable + recycled materials and I have enlisted a textile agent to source ethical and sustainable studios when collaborating internationally.

I enjoy bringing positivity to the community by using colour, and am currently collaborating on a public art project, as well as contributing to a range that brings awareness to the war on waste. More details to come!


What will you be looking for when you judge this week’s challenge entries?
I will be looking for entries that show an individual style, boldly embraces print + pattern and reflects creativity. Good luck and enjoy!

Shana is the sponsor of our 'Print and Pattern' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Shana's beautiful artwork on her Instagram account emiliofrankdesign and shop the collection online at

Meet the Creatives: Kelly Williams

7541671136__MG_9411 Cropped.jpg
Kelly Williams.jpeg

Meet Kelly!

I’m mama to my 3-year-old Harvey, living in Melbourne, Australia. I’m fuelled by coffee, cocktails and chocolate... but not all at once.

I love blending beauty, interior and posts of my lovely little boy into my Instagram feed.

The combination of crisp whites, soft greys, and natural wood lends itself well to a Scandi-style kid's room.

Q&A With Kelly

How would you describe your creative style?
Well, as my Insta handle states, I’m all about Scandi, lots of white and grey, I love photographing interiors, especially Harvey’s room and flatlays of course.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I shoot with a Canon 80D for my photos, a tripod for flatlays and I edit my images in Lightroom and Snapseed.

Can you tell us why you love this week's challenge theme 'Moments That Matter'?
Capturing moments that matter are so special and keepsake journals are just perfect for reflecting back on, especially as the moments pass so fast!

Can you share a few of your favourite images with us?

d6c72bd2539c-793EDA93_21B0_4538_BA24_00C12F999EA7 (1).jpeg

Daytime naps are such a rarity as Harvey gets older so I love to capture them when I can, and getting to enjoy a coffee in peace isn’t bad either!


Flatlays are my jam, they provide such a great way to showcase products, coffee and flowers regularly feature and I’m always finding new props for my flatlays.


My main man, getting decent photos together can sometimes be a challenge but I love the memories they create.

Kelly is the guest host of our 'Moments That Matter' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Kelly's beautiful Scandi style on her Instagram account @myscandistyle

Meet the Creatives: Kylie Certoma


Meet Kylie!


Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I’ve been a creative little soul and I’ve always been drawn to anything artistic. I play the piano, enjoy making crafty things, love a game of tennis and I’m a self confessed shopaholic who can scout out a bargain anywhere! I have a huge and extremely varied (at times bizarre) collection of music on my iPod and if you press play, you might hear the likes of AC/DC, James Brown, Coldplay or Tina Turner busting out a song! I have a degree in primary education and music and I absolutely adore teaching year 2! My classroom is always decorated with loads of colour and I try to weave a little creative magic into every facet of the curriculum to connect my students to their learning and make their school experience enjoyable. However, I’m currently on maternity leave and enjoying life as a mum with my baby girl, Ellasandra ( she certainly keeps me on my toes!)

Q&A With Kylie

How would you describe your creative style?
When teaching, I love bright bursts of colour but my personal creative style at home or via my Insta page showcases softer pastel tones ( with just a slight infatuation with pink! 😂) I love working with symmetry or lines and creating a range of flatlay designs. I’m also an absolute stationary addict and adore styling my desk and workspace.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I have a beautiful camera that my husband bought me but to be completely honest, I love the convenience of using my iPhone and having everything accessible in one place. I love the editing tools on Instagram and at times, I might experiment with different tools or effects via various apps. But the best time for taking my snaps, is when the sun is shining through the window and I can utilise the natural light.

Can you tell us why you love this weeks challenge theme 'Dreams and Goals'?
I’m so excited to be hosting this week’s theme. My brain is constantly buzzing with ideas and aspirations for the future. I love to be organised in all facets of my life, So I’m a huge advocate for making dreams and setting yourself goals, no matter how small or large they might be.

Can you share a few of your favourite images with us?


This was the first stacklay that I ever created. It was a special time in our lives as I was pregnant and excitedly anticipating the arrival of our little girl.


I love the symmetry, simplicity and organisation within this shot. I also tried to create an even balance of colour and line everything up with precision.


From time to time, I throw symmetry and precision out the window and create a little bit of organised chaos. I love creating bag spills as they’re just a bit of fun and you can experiment with various camera angles.

Kylie is the guest host of our 'Dreams and Goals' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Kylie's beautiful photos on her Instagram account @casacreativity

Meet Emma Kate: Hand-letterer, illustrator, perpetual adventurer, and all-round creative wayfarer


Meet Emma!

I’m a designer, writer, hand-letterer, illustrator, perpetual adventurer, and all-round creative wayfarer. I divide my time up between running my little stationery brand, living adventures and writing about them.

I sell my products online and to a growing stockist base around the world - and when I’m not doing that, I’m collaborating with brands on travel and lifestyle based campaigns, and travelling at every chance possible.

I was born in the sleepy city of Adelaide, known for its vineyard-dotted hills that spill into the sea. I’ve had coloured pencils in my hand as long as I can remember and studied design at uni - but my path to making a brand out of my art, photos and words is much more recent! Currently I call the coffee mecca of Richmond in (Melbourne, Australia) home - and I absolutely love it here!


Q&A with Emma Kate

How would you describe your creative style?
My world and my creative style is everything ethereal, punctuated with coffee.

My purpose with anything I create is to bring joy. To make days. To craft delight. To inspire adventure. More than just making pretty things, I want to stir meaning, and weave conscious, considered, generous details into every little thing I make.

For me, this goes far beyond designing exquisite products - it’s about designing entire experiences. I look for ways I can weave in hidden details and for touchpoints of daily life I can gently intersect - that might stop someone short with delight and think, “How did you know - that’s exactly what I needed?”


What inspired you to start your own line of art and stationery?
I had been working as a designer in London for a publishing house - a life of coffee to go, rush hour madness, Europe-hopping most weekends and travelling every single chance I had outside of the 9-5. It was my semi-long-term plan, but when my sponsored visa didn’t work out, my life in London came to an abrupt halt. Plucked out of one reality and thrown into another, I found myself on a one-way plane back home with no plan B. It was a new beginning in every sense - a rare and perfect chance to take a leap to do what I’d always dreamed of.

So I did, full tilt! I spent six months burrowed away in my creative cave, and launched my first collection, Wild Hearts.


In honour of this week’s creative challenge theme ‘wanderlust’, tell us about one of your favourite adventures:
Turkey would have to be my pick. It’s such an exquisite country of colour, texture, kindness and contrast - a place where beauty and ruin coexist. Turkey is a total assault on the senses. I travelled there solo a very pivotal time of transition, between my life in London and relocating to Australia and I remember Turkey with such gratitude and importance.

Turkey made me feel vividly uncomfortable - every morning I woke in darkness to the prayer calls, with the most unsettling yet calming melody drifting through the sky. I covered myself in layers of clothing, yet felt more stripped back and vulnerable than ever. I miss feeling uncomfortable, and think there are more lessons waiting for me, when I next return.


What are a couple of your favourite pieces that you have created and tell us why you love them?

I think that The Dreamer’s Manifesto is my favourite piece in my collection. It’s the most personal piece of writing I have put into my range - it’s the words I really need to read on a daily basis and remember, myself.


I also love the greeting card “You. X” - it’s been a best seller ever since I put it into the collection. It comes from a special place - my partner Charles sent me this message, after our first date. It was so simple and yet, so meaningful. My heart still does somersaults, remembering when I picked up my phone and read: You. X

What will you be looking for when you judge this week’s challenge entries?
I will be looking for something that captures the magic of wanderlust - the image that makes me want to buy a ticket, and jump on a plane most.

You can get social with Emma on Instagram @emmakateco and Facebook and shop her collection at her online store


Meet the Creatives: Zoe Gilpin


Meet Zoe Gilpin!

Zoe is a Perth based Interior Decorator specialising in affordable home decorating. Zoe loves decorating on a budget and sharing her knowledge with others so that they can decorate their own homes no matter how much they have to spend. Zoe is obsessed with anything interior related and may have a slight homeware addiction...

Q&A with Zoe


How would you describe your creative style?
I would say my style is unique and budget friendly with a little DIY thrown in along the way.

Can you tell us why you love the theme 'Handiwork'?
I am a lover of DIY and putting a personal spin on anything creative.

Can you share some of your own decorating handiwork with us?


This is our bathroom which we renovated ourselves. A bit of DIY completely transformed an outdated, pink bathroom in to something we now love so much.


Our master bedroom. A room I have out a lot of effort in to to make unique and a reflection of my own, personal style.


My baby girls bedroom. Another room which contains a lot of DIY project, including the doll house which is a work in progress

Zoe is the guest host of our 'Handiwork' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of  Zoe's beautiful photos on her Instagram account @thediydecorator and visit her website 

Meet the Creatives: Em Pearman


Meet Em! 

Em is a product and interior stylist, currently ticking the 34 - 39 year old box, living in Perth, Western Australia with her Hubby, Adam, 10 year old daughter, Ava and two cats, Walter & Wong. Em has been creating content for almost 2 years now has built a portfolio working with brands of all sizes, including YSL, Clinique, Salt & Pepper Home, Big W, Nivea, Olay, Daniel Wellington, Sheridan, Colette, Glasshouse, Stanley Rogers & Ecology Homewares. Em and her family are building their dream home, during which Em has become completely obsessed with tapware and fixtures!

Q&A with Em Pearman

How would you describe your creative style?
Minimal Monochrome.


What kind of equipment do you use?
I use a camera & my Samsung S8 mobile for my photos. I have a great treasure trove of styling props, that includes things like chunks of marble, tiles, wooden trays & boards.

A few of my must have favourites for styling are:

  • an assortment of stationary items, including notebooks, washi tape, pens, desk accessories, assorted paper.
  • an assortment of ribbon
  • Fashion accessories - I love using unique, vintage jewellery pieces, pearls, chunky statement pieces, plus handbags & of course, fabulous stilettos!
  • Greenery, twigs, fresh flowers, cotton stems
  • home decor pieces

Can you tell us why you love styling in black and white?
My friends say that with my colourful personality, my love of black & white is to balance me out....Lol! I have always been drawn to Black, Grey & White tones. They remind me of old Hollywood glamour & my style icon, Coco Chanel. The mix is chic & stylish & gives a luxurious feel to any space.

Can you share a few of your favourite images you have created and tell us why you love them?

This image was created was for a recent collaboration with Big W Australia. I love the gorgeous greenery with the grey & white tones. 

This image was created was for a recent collaboration with Big W Australia. I love the gorgeous greenery with the grey & white tones. 

I love layering to create different dimensions in my flatlays. This shot using some of my favorite office pieces is a personal favorite of mine. 

I love layering to create different dimensions in my flatlays. This shot using some of my favorite office pieces is a personal favorite of mine. 

The iconic Coco Chanel. What a fabulous, inspiration she is. 

The iconic Coco Chanel. What a fabulous, inspiration she is. 

Em's Top 3 tips to creating a flatlay?

1. Start with a good base. I create my flatlays on melamine sheets. I find the surface is nice & smooth, doesnt scratch or mark easily & is super easy to clean.

2. Move things around until the balance is right, if you feel one side is to heavy, try removing a piece or shuffle around the layout. Sometimes adding a pop of greenery or simply walking away for a few minutes to refocus can help.

3. Most importantly, practice & have fun. Join in on challenges, like the weekly ones at Creatively Squared. It is such a wonderful, supportive community & a great way to find inspiration & pick up tips from other creatives. I hope you enjoy this weeks challenge & I can't wait to see your gorgeous creations.

💖 Em xxx

Em is the guest host of our 'Black and White' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Em's beautiful photos on her Instagram account @stilettos_and_bricks and visit her website