Case Study: Gingerfinch

Peita from Gingerfinch wanted to explore one of her core brand values with a creative challenge. The theme 'Simplicity' resonated with her from both an aesthetic point of view and as a fulfilling way to live. The Creatively Squared Community were so inspired by the concept of simple living that they created over 300 beautiful images which were shared online with their individual networks - along with the @gingerfinchhome brand name! During the week Gingerfinch had a significant increase in Instagram followers and were given a fun platform to engage with their existing customer base and the Creatively Squared community. 

Simplicity Challenge

Statistics gathered during live challenge week for posts shared using #cs_simplicity

Posts: 328

Likes: 43,497

Comments: 4,313

Engagement : 4.7%

Reach: 579,079

Impressions: 1,021,547

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Global exposure

Gingerfinch were about to launch international shipping in their online store so having access to the global community at Creatively Squared helped them expand their customer base. During the challenge week entries came in from over a dozen countries around the world

brand assets

By selecting a theme that complimented their brand personality and style, Gingerfinch were able to generate a large number of creative assets to re-share on their Instagram account. Sharing community entries during the challenge week also helped boost engagement and drive a significant amount of traffic to the @gingerfinchhome account.

creative connections

The challenge week enabled Peita to personally connect with members of the Creatively Squared community. This gave her the opportunity to build relationships with future brand advocates and content creators. She was able to interact with the photos entered in the challenge and leave positive and supportive comments for each creative that shared her brand values.  

I can't tell you how much I've loved teaming with Creatively Squared for this challenge. It is such a special community and I feel honored to be part of it!!
Peita, founder of Gingerfinch home