Increase the success of your website by sourcing the right images

Find novel ways to showcase your products. Image for United Bracelets by Creatively Squared.

Find novel ways to showcase your products. Image for United Bracelets by Creatively Squared.

How to pick website photos that make your brand pop

Having a successful website is crucial for building your brand and growing your business in today's digitally enabled world. When people decide to click on your website from your social media channels or a search engine, they want to be wowed. These people need to understand your brand, your offering, and your experience quickly. To do this, you need to make sure you have carefully considered all of the elements that go into running a successful website. Along with SEO-friendly articles, engaging copy and intuitive design, a key element of keeping people engaged on your website is high-quality images.

Here are our top reasons why you need high-quality images on your site with tips on how to source those images.

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Images hold your audience's attention

Think about when you visit a website for the first time. Approach your website with the "above the fold" principle that newspapers use. Combining eye-catching imagery with the written content at the top of your website will instantly draw people into your brand. Think an engaging banner image that brings your logo and brand's tagline to life.

Having the right images on your website also helps with breaking up blocks of text. Try adding images to areas like your services, pricing and products pages. Your audience will be more likely to read through an entire page of your website if they're eyes and mind have engaging imagery to look at along the way. If you have processes that could easily be explained with an image, consider adding this to your website too.

Images make it easier for people to digest and remember information

Did you know that people can only recall 10% of the information they hear, see and read? People are inundated with content these days. Whether it's mindless scrolling on Facebook or Instagram, or the hundreds of newsletters they receive each month, people need visual cues to help them remember things. By including suitable images throughout your website to support your information, readers can remember up to 65% of that information three days later.

People are also more likely to take action on your content (think your buy now buttons), if they are accompanied by relevant high-quality images. To put this into action, think of images that could help explain your customer journey, products, and services and add them to your website.

Showing your product in context can help your customer connect with your brand. Image by Creatively Squared

Showing your product in context can help your customer connect with your brand. Image by Creatively Squared

Images help establish your brand

Every business has a brand they want to establish in their niche. Including the right images on your website helps you to establish that brand. Are you going for something corporate and professional? Do you prefer a feminine look for your brand? These are all questions you need to answer to make sure your images effectively establish your brand

Think about what kind of brand you want to portray, who your dream clients are and start sourcing images from this point. Including a photo of yourself and your team will also help your audience get to know the faces behind your business. This is important for building trust with your audience. To further build trust and establish your brand, include photos of your products or services on your website too.

Images help your audience identify with your brand

Building on the point above, including photos of your products and services not only helps build trust with your audience but it helps them picture their lives as a result of becoming a client or customer. Including images on your website that emulate how you want people to feel when they come into contact with your business will help you attract the right clients and customers.

Free stock image sites like Pexels can help you source the right images for your site

Free stock image sites like Pexels can help you source the right images for your site

Images don't have to be hard to source

Remember, sourcing images for your website doesn't have to be hard. Yes, you should have a quality head shot of you and your team and your products to build trust but you can also source stock images for your site.

Stock images provide an affordable and easy way for you to add colour and visually communicate your brand's message. With all of the programs available today that make photo editing a breeze, you could also personalise stock images for things like backgrounds, your website header, and resources pages. Make sure you check the usage and licensing rights of stock photos before you edit or publish them on your website. Some images may not allow editing and other images may require attribution when published for a public audience.

Original content created by Creatively Squared

Original content created by Creatively Squared

… but try and be original where you can!

The best way to make your brand stand out and to convey your unique offerings to your customers is by producing original content. If you can afford to hire a professional photographer and stylist to create original images of your products you will be able to stay involved with the creative direction of your brand and produce eye catching one-of-a-kind images.

You can also develop mutually beneficial relationships with influencers and brand ambassadors that may be interested in working with you to create content in exchange for goods and services. Another option is to look to your customers to source images of your products but make sure you always obtain the correct permissions to use images by third parties.

A more cost effective alternative is by using services like Creatively Squared that specialise in customised content that is created to your brief and can often be up to 80% cheaper than traditional alternatives. When looking for third-party platforms that produce visual content you will always get the best results by avoiding operations that use crowdsourcing for creative work and pay their content creators fairly for all work produced. Crowdsourcing content may look more efficient and cheaper from the outset but most often this comes at the cost of the quality and originality of the work produced.

Following these steps will help you source the right website images and ensure you're using them in ways that help your brand to stand out. Set aside some time in the next few days to review your website and replace any images that you don't feel clearly reflect the brand you are building. Use this time as a challenge to make sure you're putting your best foot forward with your online presence and your audience will start to notice. Once you've done that, make sure to send us a link in the comments below so we can see your freshly updated website!