2017 Community Survey results


What you told us

Our wonderful community continues to grow and evolve and it's nearly two years now since we held our very first creative challenge. Although the format hasn't changed much since then, we’re always thinking of things we can do to add value and support the people that make Creatively Squared the place it is today. An important part of this is listening to feedback from you, which is why we put out our community survey throughout January.

We are so grateful to everyone that took the time to help us and as promised, here are the key things we learned from reading your responses.

How long have you followed Creatively Squared?

How long have you followed us?

Key learnings: We have a lot of newcomers to our community and mustn't forget that not everyone will be familiar with our format or know how to get involved. We believe we should be regularly reminding people of how to participate in our challenges and how to best engage with the rest of the community.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the Creatively Squared community?

The challenges, for both participating in and being inspired by. It's a very chill supportive group. I also really enjoy the blog posts! 😍

Being part of a community that supports and lifts people. Having the option to participate in weekly challenges that offer the chance to win amazing prizes.

The friendships gained (even if only online), the weekly challenges(even though I've been slack on those!) and how friendly and encouraging everyone is who is part of the community!

Key learnings: We were very happy to see that the most common themes you reflected on were the inspiration and community support. This is what we believe to be the heart of our community and what makes it such a special place. We will endeavour to keep inspiring and encouraging you while helping you upskill. 

How many times have you submitted an entry to one of our Challenges?

How often do you enter

It seems the most helpful thing everyone needs to submit entries is more time, which is something I'm sure we all need. Some people mentioned that they need to build their confidence, or that they don’t think they’re good enough to participate.

While we do have prizes each week for our best entries, what we love to see the most is people just having a go. We’ve seen so many people since we started grow, become more creative and improve their skills over time, and our community is great at supporting everyone. 

Key learnings: We really want to encourage more people to have a go and join us for the first time so we will be brining back our #cs_newbie tag . We will also be having more prizes for first time entrants this year in addition to our usual weekly prizes so look out for this if you have been interested in taking part.

Which brands and themes would you like to see?

We saw a variety of responses but it was very clear that you want to see a mix of small creative brands, independents and some big name brands as well.

We all love the floral and coffee faffing and of course we’ll continue to have lots of our flatlay favourites, but you told us you also want to see some more challenging themes - food, places, abstract, colours.

Key learnings: We will continue to mix this up, we know not all themes and sponsors will appeal to everyone but we will do our best to bring you lots of variety in 2018

What would you like to see at Creatively Squared?

What would you like to see?

This is great feedback for us and we’re going to try to implement as much as possible.

  • We’ll be including more interviews with our sponsors, hosts and creative community.
  • Instagram Live workshops are coming - if you would like to run an Instagram Live workshop for our creative community, get in touch here.
  • In addition to the 55% that chose live meetups and workshops, an overwhelming 88% of you said you would like to attend an event in your city and we can’t wait to start making this happen. It was fantastic to meet some of the community last year in London, Singapore and Brisbane, we’ll be hosting more meetups this year so to register interest in your city head to our events page.
  • In March we’ll be running our first challenge where our community can vote for the weekly winners on our website, so keep an eye out for that.

Highlights from our other survey questions

  • 72% of you told us you would like to join a Creatively Squared Facebook group, we’ll be launching this soon. The best thing about Creatively Squared is the creative people you meet and we want to make it easier to connect with and learn from each other, so we'll have a strong focus on sharing creative skills, tips and techniques
  • More than half you you regularly read our blog so look forward to more how to guides, interviews and digital marketing content as well as our content creation tips and tricks.
  • Almost 20% of you have joined our Messenger list, we’ve had great feedback about this since launching it in December.

    If you haven’t yet joined us on Messenger you can click this link to do so. Not only do you get early access to our challenge theme announcements each week, we also share our winners, blog posts and events and you can choose what you receive from us and how often.

Do you have any questions for us?

How are the winners selected?

Unless otherwise specified the weekly sponsor chooses the winners each week and judge the entries based on the following criteria:

  • Concept and creativity of entries in relation to the weekly theme
  • Dates - Images that are submitted during the live challenge period 
  • Captions - Opening captions that include the correct tags
  • Followings - Accounts that are following the weekly sponsor and @creativelysquared

Every week is a fresh slate and previous challenge winners and outcomes are not taken into consideration.

What do the sponsors look for in a winning entry? Do i need professional equipment?

Absolutely not! Our community does welcome a variety of people from talented amateurs to professionals from all over the world. Regardless of your background, your experience and equipment does not determine your ability to participate or the outcome of the challenge. Winners are not chosen on their flawless finish, it is all about how your share your creative ideas and ultimately more about concept than execution. 

What makes a standout entry?

Creativity and concept of the image in relation to our weekly theme.

Most of the featured images are flatlays, why is this?

We admit we do have a love affair with flatlays, but our creative challenge is for photos of any type. A lot of the entries we get submitted are flatlays which is why they account for large proportion of the featured images.

Thank you to everyone that donated their time to help us improve.

If you have feedback for us, theme or sponsor suggestions, you can still complete our Community Survey by clicking here

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