Get your brand holiday ready and 7x the exposure of your seasonal content

It’s officially THAT time of year. You know, the time of year when the Christmas puddings start sneaking onto the supermarket shelves and all of a sudden everyone is talking about the upcoming holidays. If you are a business owner this is your cue to make sure you have an actionable campaign in place for the festive season.

If you haven’t quite got there yet then don’t panic - we are here to show you how to make your Christmas campaign work harder than Santa’s elves. However we don’t want YOU to be working hard, our plan is simple - create your festive content and 7x it across multiple touchpoints.

It’s no secret that great content gets more clicks, so rather than paying to promote your content you should be investing in creating the good stuff to begin with. If you are in e-commerce, the best content you can produce is eye-catching images of your products that evoke the ‘want’ in your customer. At this time of year you’ll also need to capture the spirit of the holidays in your product photography to connect with the Christmas-minded buyer. Invest in creating quality seasonal images that you can then re-purpose and promote across all of your channels.

So first things first - you need to set the scene with some captivating photos of your products that will have your audience feeling all merry and bright. If you don’t already have a photographer or stylist that you know and trust - we’ve got you covered! Check out the Creatively Squared special 12 days of Christmas image promotion that will have your website and social channels looking the part and bringing the Christmas cheer.

Of course you might also want to DIY and in that case - we’ve also got your covered! If you are feeling creative we can help jumpstart your inspiration with our article on 5 simple ways to add some festive flair to your Christmas content.

Picture: Jinny Olney

Picture: Jinny Olney

7 ways to use your seasonally styled images for maximum exposure

Add some festive cheer to your website and branding

Customising your website is an effective way to capture the spirit of the season and the attention of the Christmas gift shopper. Use your festive photos to update your website banner and item listing images (Did we mention our seasonal content package includes 2 bonus cover images that you can rotate to keep your page looking fresh!) or create a special Christmas landing page for any promotions you are running. This will allow you to enter into more detail about your seasonal offerings and create more website content to be crawled and listed by search engines.

Update your Facebook page

You’ve just made your website look great but 65% of shoppers will turn to social media to find the perfect gift so why not give your social accounts the same treatment with a little festive makeover. Your fans will be checking in to see if you are running any promotions or looking for gift ideas so let them know they have come to the right place by updating your cover image and user icon.

Seasonal blog post

Did you know that companies that blog generate 55% more leads than those who don’t? The holidays are the perfect time to recap the last year in business or share your festive tips for wrapping and gifting your products. It is also a great opportunity to something nice for your customers and make them feel valued.

Pin your content to seasonal Pinterest boards

Pin your Christmas inspired product shots and your seasonal blog content to your festive themed boards and then highlight them by adding these boards to your business accounts showcase rotator. Write holiday related descriptions using suitable keywords to make your pins even more discoverable by those searching for gift ideas. The holidays aren’t just for shopping so ensure you have a mix of inspirational imagery such as festive recipes, projects and gifts as well as lead generating or branded content. Plus don’t forget about your existing boards - pins can be shared onto multiple places so re-use your product shots onto any other boards that are appropriate.

Email marketing campaign

Even if you don’t send out regular emails to your customers, the holidays are the perfect time to thank them for their support during the year. Skip your usual template and add some festive sparkle to make your emails stand out from your regular campaigns. Share your Christmas blog and use your seasonal product shots to promote gift ideas or any special promotions you are running.

Social Media posts

It is now easier than ever for your customers to click straight from a post to purchase so you’ll want to ensure your photos are extra eye-catching to get their attention. Especially as 67% of shoppers have purchased a gift they found on social media. Take advantage of seasonal themes by adding context that enables your audience to connect with the experience of enjoying your product over the holidays.  Add some festive flair to your content and write personalised, thoughtful captions and messages to your customers.

There is also likely a whole lot of information that you’ll want to share with your audiences in the lead up to the big day - such as trading hours and delivery details so make these posts visually appealing by teaming it with high-quality imagery.

Picture: Jinny Olney

Picture: Jinny Olney

Picture: Jinny Olney

Picture: Jinny Olney

Christmas PPC marketing campaigns

Like the festive makeover you gave your website and socials, you’ll also need to optimize your pay-per-click advertising to take advantage of the shopping season. Update your SEO keywords to attract more Christmas shoppers to your website and use carousel ads on social media to showcase multiple products from your gift selection.  

Can we help?

Now that we have shown you an overview on how to make your content cover more ground than Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve please let us know if you need any help creating it. Our global team of talented creatives are ready to work their magic on your products and help convert your browsers into buyers.

Whether you are outsourcing or taking the DIY approach, it is important to have a little fun with your silly season promotions. Having a content calendar and starting early will give you time to review the results and refine your campaigns in the lead up to the big day. However don’t panic if you haven’t organised anything yet -  chances are your customers aren’t ready yet either. December 22 and 23 have previously been the biggest sales days of the entire season. Good luck and happy holidays!